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          Qingdao Xinxing construction machinery co., ltd.

          High quality, professional service, being the top supplier in construction machine

          Qingdao Xinxing Construction Machinery Co., Ltd

          We are mainly for

          Concrete batching plant-- Stationary type, Mobile type, Modular type:

          Concrete mixer--Twin shaft mixer, planetary mixer, JZC and JZR mixer

          Dry mortar batching plant--Different model and layout

          Dry mortar mixer--Twin shaft mixer, Single shaft mixer

          Concrete Pump--concrete pump, Dry mortar pump

          Concrete placing boom--Stationary, Mobile, self-climbing, truck-mounted placing boom

          Concrete spraying pump--N2, N5, MPS55

          Concrete Pump truck--21m, 24m, 28m, 29m, 32m, 34m,37m

          • Hydraulic COncrete Placing Boom

            Hydraulic COncrete Placing Boom

            If you're interested in the hydraulic placing boom, welcome to buy or wholesale the cheap equipment from our factory. As one of the leading China manufacturers, we will offer you the best service and fast delivery. Looking for CE certification portable concrete mixer made in China from China...

          • Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer

            Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer

            Mixing shafts The mixing shaft made from smithing alloy steel. They have the best torsion-bent intension. Shaft sealing The mixing shaft have long life because they are sealed by two reliable face seals and the others unique seal which combinate high pressure grease. Mixing device Thanks for the...

          • Planetary Concrete Mixer

            Planetary Concrete Mixer

            Features of planetary concrete mixer: 1. Planetary cement mixer is suitable for mixing dry hard concrete, half dry hard, plastic concrete and other high quality concrete. The concrete can achieve high uniformity in shortest time. Planetary concrete mixer machine can also be applied to glass,...

          • Hoisting Hopper Concrete Mixing Plant

            Hoisting Hopper Concrete Mixing Plant

            1. Driving system adopts planetary gear, the gimbals transmission shaft insures circumgyrate at the same speed 2. With its modularization structure, it is easy to transport, install and debug more quickly. 3. Mixing system choose the spiral mixing system , which has high efficiency , scale board...

          • Mobile concrete batching plant

            Mobile concrete batching plant

            Features of YHZS Series of mobile concrete batching plant Mobile concrete batching plant is specially designed for project with short construction time, long construction line, frequently changing construction site; mobile concrete plant is small in size, so it is also called small concrete...

          • Belt Type Concrete Mixing Plant

            Belt Type Concrete Mixing Plant

            Belt type batching plant is composed of twin shaft concrete mixer, batching machine, cement silo, screw conveyor,conveyor belt,and microcomputer control room. It mixes cement, sandstone, limestone, coal and other raw materials to make concrete which are widely used in the construction projects.


          Qingdao Xinxing construction machinery

          Qingdao Xinxing Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.is located in City of Qingdao,the beautiful seashore holiday city of China. Since we were founded in 1993,we combine technical research,production,sales and international sales together and become a manufacture specializes in construction machinery.

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