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Analysis of winter construction protection measures for concrete mixing plant
- Oct 26, 2016 -

1, concrete mixing plant in winter warm insulation shed generally used color steel plate design. Aggregate and gravel stacking station adjacent to the mixing station, the aggregate and the mixing station are all closed. Concrete mixing station to keep the temperature above +10 ℃.

2, in order to ensure the smooth growth of concrete strength, winter Shi should be mixed with water and gravel heating. Raw materials heating should pay attention to the following matters: First, the water heating, such as water heating to the maximum temperature, but also can not make the concrete to reach the specified temperature, and then consider the gravel aggregate heating, but in any case forbids the cement heating; The phenomenon of false condensate occurs, to control the mixing of sand and water mixer temperature does not exceed 35 ℃.

3, in order to avoid direct contact with hot water and cement, feeding order: first put sand, stone and water 3/4 mixing, plus cement mixing, and finally add water reducing agent solution and the remaining water



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