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Concrete Construction Technology in Winter Concrete Mixing Plant
- Nov 17, 2016 -

1, winter concrete mixing station construction of concrete composition of the material requirements

Aggregate: Aggregates may not have ice, snow groups and organic matter, should be clean, good grading, hard texture;

Water: Drinking tap water;

Admixture: Antifreeze is used. The mechanism of antifreeze is to reduce the liquid freezing point of concrete at the specified negative temperature, so that the concrete will not freeze in the liquid state, ensure the hydration of the cement, and get the expected value in a certain time. Strength, antifreeze should be identified through technical, in line with quality standards, and laboratory tests to master its performance;

Cement: a significant activity, high heat of the ordinary Portland cement.

2, winter concrete mixing station concrete mixing and transport requirements

Concrete mixing:

Concrete mixing method of heating water, more than 80 ℃ hot water shall not be in direct contact with the cement, the first mixing of hot water and aggregate mixing cement and concrete to avoid false cement coagulation, concrete mixing time shall not be less than 3 minute. In addition, if necessary, to protect the surrounding mixer and warm insulation.


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