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Concrete Mixing Station to produce high-quality concrete need to take what way?
- Nov 17, 2016 -

First of all, in the daily production of concrete mixing plant, adhere to the "quality first" principle, to enhance the quality of education of workers to eliminate the possibility of errors due to product quality. Lead the production team to do the daily maintenance of equipment to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

Second, according to technical regulations and engineering requirements, responsible for raw materials and finished products, technical standards for the development and testing work to monitor product quality, master and analyze the quality of dynamic mixing station, issued a certificate. Do periodic testing of testing equipment to ensure accuracy, to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the test results.

Moreover, to implement the concrete mixing plant raw material quality standards, the quality of raw materials procurement should be in line with national and ministerial standards, and is responsible for incoming raw materials for processing failure. On the new origin, the new specifications of sand and gravel materials, to be identified by the laboratory before procurement, to obtain certification before the purchase of raw materials other than gravel to obtain product specifications and factory certification by the technical quality approval before purchase.


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